thetribe^ is the weekly CFM Youth gathering. Both junior high and high school gather to worship passionately, learn about Jesus, and connect to one another. Our desire is to see this generation rise up and take their place in the body of Christ, and declare that “Jesus Christ is our God, and we will serve Him with all of our hearts”.

Wednesdays: Harrison Campus
Junior High: CFMkids Room – 7 pm
High School: CFMannex (next door to CFM) – 7 pm

Thursdays: Batesville Campus
All Students: CFMkids Room – 7 pm

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We believe in the power worship. We believe that when we passionately pursue Christ, He passionately responds to us. Because of this worship is a hinging part of each of our services at thetribe^. It is our desire to see a generation rise up and become worshipers of Christ. A part of this strategy consists of students serving and on the worship team every week in both singing and playing instruments.


At thetribe^ our goal is for students to get the Word of God implanted into their hearts. We do that through teaching His word through Biblical and practical teaching each and every week. This is also a time where we challenge our students to whole heartedly pursue Christ and live radically following Him.


A critical point of relationships being developed happens with time together. So we dedicate time during our weekday service to hang out together. Before and after each service we take time to invest into the lives of students by hanging out, playing games, and spending time in conversation. On top of this once a month both Junior and Senior High have a specific event outside of their regular weekday service time. Events vary from movie nights, camping and hiking, spa nights, and much more!

Upcoming Events


Junior High Camp

June 10 – 13, 2018


Senior High Camp

July 8 – 11, 2018


Fall Retreat

More Information Coming Soon

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