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  • Email: office@mycfm.org
  • Own It

    At CFM, we don’t stress membership. We encourage participation, or in other words, ownership.  As a body of believers we want to take hold of all that God has for us.  Essentially, we are owners of whatever God gives us.  Our mission is …

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  • CFM City Groups

    WHAT ARE CITY GROUPS? Led by one or two individuals, City Groups are small groups of people who meet together in a home, coffee shop, a park, really anywhere, on a regular basis. There are City Groups for men, women, …

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  • Take the Journey

    If you have been at CFM for any amount of time you should be familiar with the class that we offer called Journey.  Journey fulfills three distinct yet related purposes: 1. Journey is ideal for those new to CFM.  The class helps the individual become …

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  • OWNIT Challenge


Service Times

Saturday - 6pm Harrison Campus
Saturday (Young Adult) - 6pm 120 N State St, Harrison OH 45030
Sunday - 8:30am Harrison Campus
Sunday - 10am Harrison Campus
Sunday - 10:30am Batesville Campus
Sunday - 11:30am Harrison Campus
Tuesday- 7pm Prayer Harrison Campus
Wednesday (CFM Youth^) - 7pm Harrison Campus